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Article. November 14, 2014

Robin Lickliter Interviewed by IdeaMensch - Discusses Her Determination to Achieve the Impossible.

Robin Lickliter, Sparks’ Senior Vice President of Events, encourages team spirit and accountability every day. Whether it’s a CEO with years of experience or an intern on his/her first day, she believes that every person contributes to success, and building strong relationships is a key component to establishing that mindset. Recently Robin was interviewed by IdeaMensch - a community of entrepreneurs who share their stories and the lessons they have learned along the way. In her interview, Robin talks about what inspires her, what scares her and how she succeeds in both business and in life.

An excerpt from the interview:

Q: Where did the idea for Sparks come from?
A: Sparks is actually a family name. The company got its start in the 1920s in Philadelphia designing stage sets and retail window displays. Nearly 100 years later, we’re a large-scale marketing agency with fully integrated services. We’re constantly reinventing ourselves and evolving with the demand of the industry. It’s exciting.

Q: What does your typical day look like, and how do you make it productive? 
A: Emails, emails, emails. Calls. Meetings. Repeat. And, most likely, a surprise request that reprioritizes the entire day. I’ve become a morning person, and getting an early start helps me get a jump on the day. Not to mention that since I’m basically bicoastal, the earlier (quieter) hours yield the highest productivity.

When I’m traveling west, I try to stay on the same schedule, which allows me extra time in the morning. (I exercise more on the road than at home because it’s like I’m gaining hours.)

Agency productivity is all about flexibility, the ability to pivot, & providing creative solutions. I’m charged with making decisions quickly to direct teams, and I believe instincts are a big part of that success. I’m most productive when I can unplug and get away from the reactionary workflow, but that’s a challenge in the agency world.

Q: How do you bring ideas to life?
A: Through collaboration with an amazing team that always takes the easy answer away. If it seems impossible to achieve, we push for it. That’s what clients are looking for. And there’s no bad idea in the brainstorming stage. Respecting people’s voices and ideas is crucial to a successful output.

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IdeaMensch is a user-generated project created to share knowledge between entrepreneurs.Their purpose is to help you bring your idea to life. They are doing that via daily interviews with successful entrepreneurs and our events. IdeaMensch was founded and is run by Mario Schulzke. 

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Article. November 13, 2014

Google I/O Makes San Francisco's Top 100 Events List!

Sparks is proud to announce that Google I/O has been named to San Francisco's Top 100 events list for 2014. In the category of Technology Industry Events, Sparks is ranked #4 by BizBash for the 3 day Google I/O event that was experienced first hand by over 6,000 industry experts daily and by millions virtually. Winners were selected based upon the economic impact of the features product, the innovativeness of the technology showcased and the overall buzz generated before and after the event.

You can read the feature by clicking here. Checkout more of our other cool projects by visiting our website

BizBash is an innovator and resource hub for the event and meeting industry with its website, magazines, and trade shows. Event organizers responsible for events such as White House state dinners and the Oscars, as well as conferences, trade shows, fund-raisers, and more use BizBash products regularly for ideas and best practices that can be implemented at their own events. 

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Article. November 3, 2014

Sparks Named One of the Healthiest Companies to Work For in America!

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Healthy Employees = Happy Employees :)      

As a global brand experience agency with ten offices around the world, we take the health of our employees seriously.  From subsiding delicious lunches in our cafeteria—employees pay $5 per meal—to the walking trail around our headquarters, employee wellness is top of mind. 

Think ‘cafeteria’ is a bad word?  Here’s an actual lunch from our menu that changes daily and is shared with employees at the top of each month:

      - Watercress Salad w/Fig, Apples, Goat Cheese

      - Tomato Florentine Soup

      - Vegetarian Bolognese w/Porcini and Assorted Mushrooms

      - Chicken Parmigiana Grilled Italian

      - Vegetables Mashed Potatoes

Salivating yet?  Not too shabby for a $5 lunch.  And, to ward off the dreaded post-lunch ‘food coma,’ we like to take a quick perambulation of the grounds on the half-mile long path that loops around our 300,000 sq. ft. headquarters.

Many of these employee benefits can be credited to not just our Wellness Committee, but also to our senior executives and to the progressive thinking that generally pervades our agency.

As if this were not enough to land us a spot on the Greatist list of healthy companies, we also host an annual Wellness BBQ.  It’s our day-long, company-wide celebration of holistic health with relay races, push-up contests, limbo dancing and other friendly competitions.  The activities are, of course, supplemented by (somewhat) healthy barbecue fixings.  Way to go, Sparks!

We're thrilled to be on @greatist’s list of the Healthiest Companies to Work For in the U.S.  Click here to view the article…


Greatist is an online community that covers all things healthy, providing the most trusted and fun fitness, health, and happiness content on the web — from healthy recipes to workout tips.  For its third annual list of the healthiest employers in America, Greatist analyzed annual "best companies" lists from institutions like Forbes, CNN, Indeed, Glassdoor, Working Mother Magazine and Business Insider.  They considered specific pros and cons for each company based on press releases, quarterly reports, local news articles and careers webpages.  Then, Greatist ranked the companies based on benefits that relate to fitness, health and happiness. 

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