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Article. October 1, 2014

Women in Events - Special Feature - August EM 2014

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Women in events make up the majority of an industry that’s thriving in every possible way. In Sparks' fourth Women in Events Special Report, we partnered with Event Marketer to interview 17 of the industry’s top female brand-side marketers who are eternally hopeful, if not adamant, that their own rises to leadership can be a model for other women in events. From promoting their work to learning to say no to getting a seat at the table, our ladies didn’t hold back. To take the conversation one step further, we invited several to join Sparks' Senior Vice President Jane Hawley for a candid roundtable discussion following a special Dry Bar event held specifically for them this past July. Click here to read our Candid Conversations story featured in the August issue of Event Marketer.

Additionally, our women in Event Marketing movement isn’t entirely focused on brand-side ladies. On the other side of the fence—across the industry’s best agencies—are some of the savviest, most strategic and most successful women, including our very own Senior Vice President of Events, Robin Lickliter!  Click here to read Robin’s interview.

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